Our organization has cooperated It is a business partner from a factory that has received world-class standards.
which we have been doing business together for a long time and has been recognized globally. We are well
known in large industrial circles.
          Due to our highly-evaluated quality system throughout all processes across the entire company, from designing and development to order acceptance, procurement, manufacturing, inspection and shipment, registration of the ISO9001 international standard for quality management systems has been approved.
          AT REGIN, WE DELIVER green and smart automation technology for climate control in buildings. Our solutions empower system integrators, manufacturers and facility owners, giving them effi cient technology that saves energy in buildings and engineering hours in installation and maintenance
           It was 1957.Giacomo Cimberio was able to understand what wat happening around him and to read the signs of an economic boom that was about to hit Italy after the devastation left by the war.
The founder of the company, which still bears his name today thus decided to pursue-continously and no matter what the case-top quality with the use of the best technologies available at the time
More than half a century later, we realize that things really haven't changed the much. the valve on witch Giacomo Cimberio founded the company were passed douw to his son Renzo, who was able to maintain these valvues and put them in the hands of his son Roberto.
          Welcome to the BASI way of process instrumentation. The website is designed to give you an overwiew of the ability of BASI to meet the instrumentation and sensor needs of most process control applications. 
We have been delivering intelligent, flexible and rugged instrumentation since 1981. By paying close attention to quality
BASI has built up an enviable reputation together with a proven track record. Our instrumentation and associated sensors can be found in many industrial fields and locations all over the world.
The BASI products are based on state-of-the-art electronics with ease of use and flexibility in mind.  
Our product range has grown significantly to meet the requirements of our industrial and laboratory users.
BASI Instrument AB and our sister company,  Autonics Scandinavia AB is a Steen Technology AB`s group of company.
          Being serving the industry for over 40 years, Kingdom Flow Control ("KI") has supplied product for various integrated application. KI's headquarter is location in Taiwan with its two factories of 100% Taiwanses capital operated in mainland China.

KI is a process-oriented, start-to-finish manugacturer. A fully vertical integrated production system is executed in our own foundries (design, casting, machining, assembly and testing 100% executed in house) to provide consistent high quality and on-time delivery. Complete accreditations verify that KI product and managerial systems comply with major international industrial standards.
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