Since our establishment in 1983, we have consistently delivered excellence. With an unyielding commitment to quality, Mahanakorn Trading has gained a reputation as a leading supplier and service provider of a comprehensive array of valves. Our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction has led us to evolve and specialize further. For more than two decades, we have excelled in Building Automation Control Systems, garnering widespread recognition across Thailand.
          Collaborating closely with our esteemed clients, we meticulously analyze their requirements, allowing us to tailor our products and services to their exact needs. This personalized approach ensures effective utilization of our extensive product range.
          At present, we proudly hold roles as Distributors, Construction Suppliers, and Service System Providers. Our expertise extends across Commercial and Industrial Valves, Intelligent Meters, Hardware and Software for BAS (Building Automation Control System), and HVAC Systems. Our commitment to comprehensive client support is encapsulated in our "SERVICES & SUPPORT" initiative, designed to cater to an array of client needs.

 1983 : Inception
         Founded in 1983, we embarked on a journey of excellence in the industry.
 1985 : TOMOE Authorized Distributor.
            We proudly became an authorized distributor of TOMOE's High
Performance Butterfly Valves, renowned products from Japan.
 2001 : REGIN Authorized Distributor
           Our scope expanded as we became an authorized distributor of REGIN,offering comprehensive HVAC and BAS solutions from Sweden.
 2018 : CIMBERIO Authorized Distributor
          We further strengthened our offerings by becoming an authorized distributor of Cimberio, a prominent Italian provider of PICV and Balancing Valves.   
2021 : Pioneering Service System Provision
           In this pivotal year, we embarked on a new journey as a Service System Provider, offering comprehensive Control Panel Systems. This marked a significant stride in enhancing our commitment to providing holistic solutions to our clients.   
 2022 : BASI Authorized Distributor
           We extended our portfolio by becoming an authorized distributor of BASI's Intelligent Meters, innovative products hailing from China.
 2023 : KINGDOM Authorized Distributor
            Our repertoire grew with the authorization to distribute KINGDOM's Ball Valves, high-quality products originating from Taiwan.


          As dedicated Construction Suppliers, we offer a diverse range of essential materials to fuel your projects. Our inventory encompasses:
     •Steel & Plate
     •PVC Pipes and Fittings
     •Electrical Cables
     •Construction Materials
     •Fireproof Coatings and Wall Paint
     •Wood Lumber, Plywood and Veneer
     •Stone and Sand
     •as well as cutting-edge tools like 3D Scanners, Pull-out Tests, and Coring equipment.

          With us as your reliable partner, you gain seamless access to a comprehensive spectrum of construction resources, empowering your projects from inception to completion.


As seasoned Service System Providers, we specialize in designing and developing tailored control panel systems for critical spaces like cleanrooms and laboratories, where precise regulation of airflows, pressure, humidity, and temperature is imperative.

  Our solutions guarantee optimal operational conditions, reflecting our commitment to excellence through advanced technology and meticulous engineering. Elevate your environment's performance and reliability with our unparalleled expertise.


Productive Counseling

We provide appropriate product recommendations based on client specifications and offer consultation regarding technical product information both before and after installation

Productive Counseling

We have a dedicated 'MTC Team' that offers specialized expertise for various work services, including assembly work, flow measurement, water balance services, and the effective development and design of control panel systems. 

Delivery & Warehouse 

We possess a spacious warehouse located in the Bangkuntien district, enabling comprehensive and swift deliveries. Additionally, our 'MTC Logistics' service provides support for immediate and urgent orders.

Return & Refund Policy 

We are prepared to facilitate exchanges or returns of products, typically within 30 days or as agreed upon with the company. This applies to products that have not been modified, installed, or damaged.

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